Our Instructors


We are proud to introduce to you our talented and highly qualified studio educators. Get to know a little more about their unique skills and personalities below. We know you'll love them as much as we do.

Studio Manager - Yoga, Pilates & Barre

Michelle Peak

A dancer and fitness instructor for over 10 years Michelle always loved to move her body as a form of expression, which lead her to try yoga. Michelle instantly fell in love with the physical balance it brought to her body. 

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Studio Educator - Yoga

Maya Resnick

By the age of 15, Maya had completed a 200 hour teacher training at CorePower Yoga, becoming the youngest Yoga alliance registered instructor in the USA at the time.

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Studio Educator - Yoga, Meditation and Pilates

Rachel Falconer

Rachel has been practicing Yoga for over 15 years - and teaching for 13 -across Sydney, Melbourne, Rome and Jakarta.

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Studio Educator - Yoga and Barre

Emily Rogers

Originally from the UK, Emily started her career as a professional dancer, performing around the world, before moving to Australia where she deepened her Yoga practice and fitness studies.

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Studio Educator - Yoga

Alison Bruton

Alison is known for her dynamic style of teaching, and through her creative sequencing, clear cues and personal encouragement, students are able to move deeper into their body with greater awareness.  

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Studio Educator - Yoga

Mitch Browne

Mitch started his movement background with weight lifting and interval training, and after years of pushing his body to its limits, he discovered the practice of Yoga in 2013.  

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Studio Educator - Yoga, Barre and Pilates

Lisa Theodore

Lisa’s love of health, wellness and movement has led to a ten year career dedicated to working with others to optimise their own happiest, healthiest life.

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Studio Educator - Barre

Jessica Herbert

Jess has an extensive background in dance with over 12 years’ training experience classical ballet. She lives, breathes and loves movement motivation.

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Studio Educator - Yoga and Pilates

Claire Norgate

Claire's love of movement and recognition of the need to have a mindful practice, has seen her maintain a combination of resistance training, cardio fitness and Yoga practice for well over thirty years. 

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Studio Educator - Yoga

Kate Robertson

Kate believes, very passionately, that Yoga is a beautiful and potent opportunity to ignite and integrate the ability to connect with what you need, feel peaceful, supported, whole and well.

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Studio Educator - Pilates and Yoga

Brooke Norgate

Brooke has always had a passion for dynamic movement and understanding the body. Her passion is to help people understand and look after their body through movement, Pilates and Yoga.

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Studio Educator - Yoga and Meditation

Denise Sorrell

Denise - through her passion of teaching yoga and meditation - loves making a difference to people’s lives, even a small one. To be able to plant just one seed of change that, like any seed, will continue to grow.

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Studio Educator - Barre and Yoga

Simon Ngo

Simon is a combination of cheerful happiness and relatable maturity. Expect to sweat, laugh and be supported when you attend his classes.

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Studio Educator - Yoga

Debbie Cairns

Having experienced first-hand the transformative power of Yoga, Debbie brings a wealth of knowledge in how a regular practice can create wellness in both body and mind, and a passion for sharing that knowledge with her students.

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