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The foundations of yoga at a slow, steady pace. Starting with a focus on the alignment of postures, you’ll be introduced to the movement and philosophy of Yoga and start to see its benefits on both mind and body. 

Room temperature: Not Heated.


Explore, flow and feel energised. Build strength and increase flexibility in this fun, challenging class with a focus on individual limits and personal progress. 

Room temperature: Moderate.


Powerful, challenging and dynamic. Designed for those who like to feel the heat and are not afraid to get a little sweaty. Tune in to your natural flow of breath through progressive sequences gradually leading to a peak pose. 

Room temperature: Hot.


A slow paced style of class where poses are held for longer periods of time. Using the support of props, Yin increases circulation, mobility in the joints, improves flexibility and releases tension. 

Room Temperature: Not heated.


A Yoga practice that focuses on improving your athletic performance and aid with sports related injuries. Deepen your knowledge of the postures whilst building strength and stamina. 

Room Temperature: Not heated.


A 15 minute guided meditation session, which will help you focus, be still and clear the mind. 

Room Temperature: Not heated.

About our Pilates class

About our Pilates class

About our Barre class

About our Barre class